Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stadler Form Otto Wooden Fan

Keep your style, and temperature cool
We all know it has been incredibly hot this past month, and hearing the same complaint multiple times a day is just making the heat more miserable. While putting an industrial fan in your house would be pretty efficient at cooling it down, it would also make it look like you stole it from the janitors closet at work. Thankfully there is a solution to the dilemma, the Otto Wooden Fan.

The Otto Wooden fan is made out of black stainless steel and African Sapele, which is a very durable tropical tree that looks similar to mahogany. The Otto fan is incredibly quiet, and it is adjustable to produce a slight breeze all the way up to category 5 hurricane gale force winds(OK maybe not quite that windy).

13.7" W x 14.8" H x 7.2" D

$200 shipped.

Check it out here: 2Modern


  1. Wow, that fan looks very, very posh. I'm guessing it's quite expensive for what it is, though.
    Tech Me

  2. That looks so nice. But for $200, I'll look like a Janitor

  3. these are nice! the wooden one is classy

  4. This looks sooo hipster. I like it

  5. This would help a lot in these melting mornings. It'd go with my decor.

  6. I'd like thise one but 200 is a lot. my last fan is broken, it makes this awful noise when turned on and I know it will be hot this week. gotta get a new one, damn...