Monday, June 25, 2012

Whiskey Blender: Personalized Whiskey bottle

“Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it's time to drink.” 
- Haruki Murakami 

There's no way (or need) to sugar coat it, but I really like whiskey. Everything from Bushmills Irish Whiskey to Bulleit, Woodford Reserve to Bookers. The flavor spectrum for whiskeys is enourmous, and the saints at Whiskey Blender give fellow whiskey enthusiasts an opportunity to really play around with the different flavors and find their favorite blend

 Whisky Blender features 7 different high quality whiskies to choose from, all hand-picked and reviewed by John Lamond, a "Master of Malt." Also part of the package is a unique lead-free crystal bottle, to which they attach a beautiful hand written label.

The beautiful design makes it really fun to mix your own blend

A custom blended bottle of bourbon with a personalized label makes a great gift for whiskey connoisseur . Check the next page for a great gift idea for the bourbon drinker

Friday, November 18, 2011

Multi-Blade Pizza Cutter

Finally, there is a vegetable that doesn't smell (and maybe taste) like old adult diapers. It's true, pizza is a vegetable thanks to our congress. Whoever initally thought that 2 Tbsp. of pizza sauce on a pizza is enough to classify the whole thing as a vegetable is either an idiot, or a genius depending  on which way you look at it. Pizza is a vegetable

Looking forward to seeing more of this

If you've ever had the cheese ripped off your pizza from a crappy dollar store pizza cutter, you might like this. This pizza cutter has multiple blades that rock back and forth to cut the entire pizza perfectly in 1 go. The only negative I can see to this is it's ridiculous price, apparently only the 1% can afford to cut their pizza like civilized human beings.

It's like kitchen gadget porn
Pizza cutter for 12"-13" pizza starts at $210+
Via: AKitchen

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quantum Levitation

Quantum Levitation? I had no idea what it was initially either, but this video is possibly the most interesting thing I've seen on youtube for quite a while. Watch when he fixes the disc in place at an angle- simply mind boggling.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Me Gusta Mask

U Jelly?
I would like to apologize for the lack up updates over the last month or so; school is back in session and I have been extremely busy getting everything going.

My favorite holiday is coming up, and I still haven't got a costume in mind yet. When the 31st does roll around, don't be the guy that shows up in every day clothes. For an easy idea, check out this Me Gusta rage face mask by the "Official Rage Store of the Internet" (wtf?).

"This is a hand made version of everyones favorite creepy meme in mask form. This Halloween mask is hand sculpted, airbrushed and painted, as well as cut to fit yer head. It will come with 4 holes for seeing and breathing purposes - 2 in the eyes and 2 in the nose. This mask sticks out and will easily be recognizable by anyone who was born in the intarwebz. It is the ultimate tool for being a creeper! :P Once they are sold out, they are gone for good! "
Although it is kind of expensive, you can pretty much guarantee that it will be original. On the off chance that someone hand-made a me gusta mask you can always one-up them with your superior quality mask, not some homemade paper mache s*** that looks like it was a kindergarten art project. 

If you have some creative ideas for halloween costumes or funny halloween masks, please share it in a comment to spread the wealth. I know I'm not the only one who scrambles at the end to come up with last minute halloween costume ideas that end up looking like garbage.

Check it out here: Me Gusta Mask

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery
from WilliamsWarn on Vimeo.

Are you interested in homebrewing, but the best draught you can make tastes slightly worse than Natty Ice? I just shuddered at the thought of taking a sip of that. The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery looks awesome, and more importantly it produces some seriously tasty suds.

Because the Personal Brewery is contained in 1 unit it is able to complete every step of the home brewing process, just set it and forget it. It will carbonate the beer on the first fermentation day, remove the all sediment, clarify it, pressurize the beer, all while keeping your personal microbrew at an ice cold temperature throughout the entire process so you can enjoy the first pint directly from the tap. Total time from initiation to inebriation? About 1 week.

Get drunk, not broke by brewing your own beer at home. OK, the initial investment might break you, but depending on how much your drink you can recoup the cost in no time. If you are a professional alcoholic, just think of it as another business expense. After writing all of this, I think it's time to have myself a drink (yeah it's only noon, I'm at work, and I only have an old can of warm Old Milwaukee. I don't think its a problem, so it's not.)

$4500 NZD, or about $3800 US dollars.

Check it out here: WilliamsWarn