Thursday, October 20, 2011

Me Gusta Mask

U Jelly?
I would like to apologize for the lack up updates over the last month or so; school is back in session and I have been extremely busy getting everything going.

My favorite holiday is coming up, and I still haven't got a costume in mind yet. When the 31st does roll around, don't be the guy that shows up in every day clothes. For an easy idea, check out this Me Gusta rage face mask by the "Official Rage Store of the Internet" (wtf?).

"This is a hand made version of everyones favorite creepy meme in mask form. This Halloween mask is hand sculpted, airbrushed and painted, as well as cut to fit yer head. It will come with 4 holes for seeing and breathing purposes - 2 in the eyes and 2 in the nose. This mask sticks out and will easily be recognizable by anyone who was born in the intarwebz. It is the ultimate tool for being a creeper! :P Once they are sold out, they are gone for good! "
Although it is kind of expensive, you can pretty much guarantee that it will be original. On the off chance that someone hand-made a me gusta mask you can always one-up them with your superior quality mask, not some homemade paper mache s*** that looks like it was a kindergarten art project. 

If you have some creative ideas for halloween costumes or funny halloween masks, please share it in a comment to spread the wealth. I know I'm not the only one who scrambles at the end to come up with last minute halloween costume ideas that end up looking like garbage.

Check it out here: Me Gusta Mask

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