Friday, May 20, 2011

Macho Man Randy Savage T-Shirt

Oooooh Yeeeeaahh.
If you haven't heard, Macho Man Randy Savage died today in a car accident in Tampa, Florida. Macho Man Randy Savage was a charismatic hero in and out of the ring and an inspiration for many the world over.
In appreciation of one of the greatest bad asses of all time, this T-shirt is a tribute to the death of a Macho man. Macho Man Randy Savage was always the best dressed wrestler, and although this will never parallel his style I'm sure Macho would appreciate it.

Well picked God, I would choose him for my tag team too.

Available in multiple colors for $17.99

Check it out here: The T Shop

Off to the great turnbuckle in the sky.
R.I.P Macho Man.


  1. Wrestlers live fast and die young. A heart attack wouldn't be unusual for a guy his age, but I'm guessing 'roids had something to do with it. Tragic. At least he wasn't found in a hotel room and not trying some lame attempt at comeback prior.

  2. RIP sweet prince =(

    btw I have those 9mill earphones you wanted.. they seriously are eye catchers

  3. looks rather eccentric but anyways, i doubt he would be able to see through those glasses.

  4. r.i.p macho man :( great blog tho i enjoyed some of your other posts, followed :D

  5. Oh man i want that mexican/cowboy outfit so much

  6. He had a heart attack that caused the accident right?

  7. He was a cool guy, a sad day ...

  8. RIP I was always an undertaker fan but Randy had a real sense of humour.

  9. Mean Jean "I have one more question Macho Man"

    Macho Man "No more questions!!!"

    Mean Jean "Sorry about that Macho Man"

  10. Great source of entertainment when I was younger, such is life.