Thursday, June 16, 2011

OCD cutting board

carrots only taste good if they are cut at exactly 45 degree angles.

Make sure you measure every ingredient three times before adding it.
This beechwood cutting board is perfect for the compulsive cook.
Featuring precise measurements allowing you to bisect that broccoli and triangulate those tomatoes.

Measures 9" x12"

Fred OCD cutting board: $25

Check it out here: Amazon


  1. Haha, wtf - that's pretty awesome, GOTTA CUT THE PERFECT ANGLE

  2. That so cool, I definitely want one!

  3. Awesome, i want it! I'd only measure it twice before cutting since it's an even number instead of three times though.

  4. Seems like a nifty little device, if only I had any ability with cooking.. :p

  5. Haha, that's interesting.
    I knew I had the same cutting board issue, but I later just made the cuts in the board and went off those.
    Cutting my own lines > 25$
    Yeah. (; I'll stick to my kind of close cuts.

  6. Oh hell yes, i REALLY need one of these

  7. chefs can really be precise sometimes

  8. picked this little gem up for mrs. sniper art.