Sunday, June 12, 2011

Black Animal Shot Glasses

A dark and mysterious shot glass with an animal's head as a base. All the animals are designed to balance on their nose and ears/horns when placed as a bottom. 
Can be used as a candle holder, paper weight or simply for d├ęcor. 
Available in Bull, Bear, Moose, Rhinoceros, Rabbit and Ram.
Sold individually, $28.
Check it out here: Yanko Design


  1. those looks nice but dunno if i would own them :)

  2. If I lived like an Ozzy Osbourne child a few years ago, this would be something I would buy. haha..

  3. Those are awesome! Although, I'd be afraid to own them, as I have a tendency to slam my shot glasses down, and would be very mad at myself if I broke them whilst drinking :)