Friday, July 15, 2011

Kenny Powers CEO, K-Swiss Tubes

I guess there's nothing really to feature for sale, but K-Swiss tubes must be cool because Kenny Powers endorses them. If only I had a need for them- I play real sports, I'm not trying to be the best at exercising.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poster Text

Doesn't take a detective to figure this one out.

You just finished reading your favorite book for the umpteenth time, and instead of throwing back on the shelf to collect dust for another year, why not hang it on your wall with Postertext. Postertext creates the classic images associated with the novel out of the books text in its entirety, and the text is legible for someone with normal eyesight.

"Our posters are printed on luscious satin-finish paper and are available in common frame dimensions, giving you the freedom to immortalize your poster in a wide variety of styles should you choose to frame them (and we recommend that you do!)"

There are a number of novels available, from Moby Dick to Peter Pan, Postertext also takes requests for custom novels as well. Most posters are 24"x 36" and prices for the posters are generally around $30-$35.
Peter Pan

Alice in Wonderland
Check it out here: Postertext

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper

Time to finally throw away your Mr. Coffee coffee maker from 1985 that was passed on to you. This instantly gives your kitchen a boost in style.

The Hario cold water coffee dripper uses the cold-drip method that involves slowly dropping cold water through finely ground coffee beans to make delicious concentrated cold brew toddy. Perfect for making iced coffee on these hot summer days as well as concentrate for cooking or baking.

Cold brewed coffee preserves the flavor compounds while eliminating the acidic oils and bitterness typically involved in hot brewing. All of this without a single watt of electricity.

Check it out here: Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Genuine Bamboo Tiki Bar

Look at how much fun this guy is having.
A home Tiki Bar made out of genuine bamboo wood is perfect for beating the heat at your backyard bbq's and pool parties. Become a real parrot head and serve some slushy drinks to your friends this summer at your own Tiki Bar from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Made out of real Anji Mountain bamboo this Tiki Bar is weatherproof and pretty much indestructible.
"Anji Mountain bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 lbs. per square inch--5,000 lbs. greater than that of steel--and is kiln-dried to remove excess moisture, resulting in a natural wood that's impervious to rain, sun, and insects." 

A hanging glassware rack can accomodate 15 glasses, and a generous storage area for storing your favorite ingredients. Also includes 2 bamboo stools, additional stools can be purchased from the link.  


Check it out here: Hammacher Schlemmer

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fried Kool Aid

1 lg. order of diabetes with a side of artery clogging sauce please.
If you've been on twitter recently you probably noticed one of the trending topics was diabetes bombs, A.K.A Fried Kool Aid. 

"You know, growing up, I was a big fan of Kool-Aid. We drank Kool-Aid growing up, so I thought, 'why not fry it and see what happens,'" said Charlie Boghosian, the mad fry-entist who created Fried Kool Aid. If  you're like me and you wondered "what kind of  person would think of cooking this", then prepare yourself for some other offerings on his gourmet menu: fried Girl Scout cookies, FryBQ Ribs, fried Klondike Bars and Totally Fried Brownies.

I can feel myself getting fatter just looking at this.
 Since Americans aren't fat enough already we included the recipe after the break so you can cook up your own diabetes donuts at home. We take no responsibility for any health problems that occur immediately after eating these, so be warned.