Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper

Time to finally throw away your Mr. Coffee coffee maker from 1985 that was passed on to you. This instantly gives your kitchen a boost in style.

The Hario cold water coffee dripper uses the cold-drip method that involves slowly dropping cold water through finely ground coffee beans to make delicious concentrated cold brew toddy. Perfect for making iced coffee on these hot summer days as well as concentrate for cooking or baking.

Cold brewed coffee preserves the flavor compounds while eliminating the acidic oils and bitterness typically involved in hot brewing. All of this without a single watt of electricity.

Check it out here: Hario Cold Water Coffee Dripper


  1. this looks awesome!
    imagine you'd actually have the money and bought it just to find out that your whole kitchen would look old after you'd place it there :D

  2. I might see if I have any stuff lying around that I can use to see if cold brewed coffee is actually better, will be interesting to try out!